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Events for Kids Under $5 this weekend (May 25 – 26) – A mini-post!

Hi Mamas, Dadas and everyone out there with a babe under 5,

We’ve all had times when we’re stretched a little thin, and it looks like this is one of them for me. I enjoy getting the word out on Vancouver Under 5 about the free stuff to do with your kids and I mean to keep it up. It’s a great project: it keeps me informed about what’s going on and I’ve connected with a bunch of cool Moms this way. You may have noticed the lack of a big post this week about all the events going on, especially since there are so many of them this weekend! My apologies. I’m heading back to work for a brief stint this summer and my preparations have taken up my barely-there blogging time. To all of you working Moms out there, you know what I mean!

So here’s the deal… I don’t have a big list with pretty pictures for you this week. But everything I’ve found is nicely posted with descriptions (from the original event posters) in my Calendar. I would hate for you to miss out, because there are some really fabulous events on including a free Magic Show from Artstarts, lots of Community fairs and the Children’s Festival in Surrey– which has some events under $5 (unlike the Vancouver Children’s Festival on next week, which will certainly be excellent but a little beyond the blog’s price range).

Thanks for understanding… I know you’ve probably been there too! I hope to get back into the swing of full length posts with my own descriptions soon.

Click here to check out this weekend’s events on the Calendar!

Hoping you can break out the sunhats this weekend!

Hoping you can break out the sunhats this weekend!


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